What we're working on

Through our Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) work, we are creating and continue to develop projects, activities, and services that improve Washington’s health care system. Our MTP goals and initiatives benefit those enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid). 


  • Focusing on whole-person care, where a person can access care for their mind, body, and substance use disorder (SUD) in one system through a network of providers. (This is also called integrated managed care.)
  • Improving how we pay for services by moving from a fee-for-service approach to paying for health and value through value-based purchasing.
  • Building healthier communities with local and regional partners.
  • Implementing projects focused on improving health equity.
  • Supporting older adults and family caregivers.
  • Helping our most vulnerable population get and keep stable housing and employment.
  • Improving access to SUD treatment and treatment facilities. 
  • Improving access for mental health inpatient care and treatment options.

MTP initiatives

We will accomplish our goals through these initiatives: