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December 6 Don't forget: MTP Public Forum is tomorrow
December 2 Foundations
December 2

ACHs earn incentives in second pay-for-reporting cycle

December 1

CMS approves short extension to Washington's current MTP waiver period

November 28

Join us for the 2022 Medicaid Transformation Project Public Forum!

November 2 Foundations
October 24

New name for ACH webpage

October 18

CMS to extend Washington’s current MTP waiver period

September 30 Foundations
September 2 Foundations
August 3 Foundations
July 15 State submits MTP waiver renewal application to keep improving Apple Health
July 12 Latest MTP evaluation highlights successes, areas for improvement for Washington State
July 5 ACHs earn incentives in first pay-for-reporting cycle 
July 1 Foundations
June 10

MTP waiver renewal public comment period ends Monday

June 2 Foundations
June 2

Don’t forget to share public comment on the MTP waiver renewal

May 27

Second public hearing for MTP waiver renewal next week

May 24

First public hearing for MTP waiver renewal this week

May 18

ACHs earn full incentives for July–December 2021

May 12

MTP waiver renewal public comment period now open

May 6

MTP waiver renewal public comment period begins May 12

May 2 Foundations
April 19

Coming up next month: public comment period for the MTP waiver renewal

April 6 Foundations
March 18

New materials available for Washington’s MTP waiver renewal

March 1

Washington State is pursuing a Section 1115 waiver renewal

March 1 Foundations
February 17

2020 results are in: ACHs continued to make progress, even amidst COVID-19

February 1 Foundations

January 3

Foundations newsletter