Analytics, Research, and Measurement (ARM)

Data is essential to achieving better health, better care, and lower costs. Good data drives better quality and consistency of care, as it helps us assess whether and how our strategies for health care improvement are working. Data + Analytics = Information.

What is ARM?

Analytics, Research, and Measurement (ARM):

  • Works collaboratively across state agencies and public and private sector partners to break down data-related silos.
  • Addresses long-term needs for health data management solutions, services, and tools.
  • Provides key information to implement population health improvement strategies around Washington.

What are the goals?

Our goals include:

  • Continual development of capabilities to gather and analyze applicable data.
  • Providing technical assistance to support community population health management and local public health needs.
  • Strengthening the capability and capacity across state agencies to share relevant analytics so we can help improve population health.
  • Making data and analytics available so we can make smart changes in the health system and move to paying for health and value, not volume.