Technology selection

Proposals for technology assessments come from more than one source. The Health Care Authority (HCA) director makes the final selection of topics for HTA review.

Selecting health technologies for review or rereview

The HCA director, in consultation with participating state agencies and the Health Technology Clinical Committee (HTCC), selects health technologies for review through the HTA program. Technologies eligible for review include medical devices, procedures, and diagnostic tests.

Selection is based on concerns about whether the technology is safe, it works as intended and is cost-effective, especially when compared to alternatives. Only a limited number of health technologies, about eight per year, undergo this rigorous process.

Once selected, topics are prioritized based on legislative requirements and criteria widely used in technology assessment priority-setting. The public can also petition for a technology to be reviewed, and the same criteria will be applied.

View technologies selected by the HCA director on our selected technologies webpage.

Nominating a health technology for review

Any group or individual may request that the program consider a health technology for review. To do so, complete and submit the petition for health technology review form or contact HTA program staff for assistance.


For more information on nominating a technology email: