Total Cost of Insulin Work Group

The price and utilization of insulin has steadily increased over time, making it one of the costliest prescription drugs in the state. The cost for health plans in the state has increased eighty-seven percent since 2014. Per member out-of-pocket costs have increased an average of eighteen percent over the same period. The Washington State legislature recognizes this and passed HB 1728, establishing a work group tasked with devising purchasing strategies to reduce the cost and total expenditures of insulin in the state.

Work group membership

The high cost of insulin is not affordable for people living in Washington with diabetes. The Health Care Authority (HCA) is tasked with making insulin affordable and accessible for all residents of Washington. The Total Cost of Insulin Work Group will meet five times, beginning June 2022, to develop strategies around the legislative direction for the state to consider. The work group will be composed of one representative from each:

  • Association of WA Health Plans
  • Distributor of insulin
  • Department of Corrections
  • Four individuals who live with diabetes
  • The Health Care Authority
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA)
  • Pharmacy Association
  • Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission
  • Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium
  • School Employees Benefits Board

Work group meeting schedule

The work group will meet on the following dates. All Total cost of Insulin Work Group meetings will be held via webinar and are open to the public.


Please email HCA Pharmacy Strategy and Innovation with any questions.