The Bree Collaborative

The goal of the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative is to identify and recommend evidence-based strategies in areas where there is unnecessary change in the way care is delivered and/or increased care that isn’t improving outcomes. The collaborative brings public and private stakeholders together to consider up to three areas of health care services each year.

HCA sponsors the Bree Collaborative and works with members to encourage adoption of the collaborative's recommendations across communities.

As the state’s largest health care purchaser, HCA is a key “first mover” in implementing several Bree Collaborative recommendations. For example, the two new plan offerings for public employees in 2016 (UMP Plus) include “bundled payments” for knee and hip replacements. This means hospitals will be paid for the total cost of care, from surgery through recovery, rather than billing for each service. This approach is expected to lower costs and provide care that avoids post-surgery complications such as infections or lengthy rehabilitative care.

Visit the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative website.