Proposed community-based residential treatment facility: Snohomish County

The state will transform health care by building a community-based facility near Stanwood in Snohomish County. The facility, Fern Lodge Behavioral Wellness, will enable people who are receiving inpatient mental health treatment to receive care close to their home, family, and community.

The goal is for the Fern Lodge Behavioral Wellness to become a part of the community as a resource, a partner, and a good neighbor.

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News and updates

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Thank you for your continued engagement as our agency plans for a residential treatment facility in Snohomish County, per the stipulated approval of the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner. There are not currently any scheduled meetings or townhall events, but check back regularly for updates!

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How will people use this residential treatment facility?

The 16-bed in-patient facility will offer around-the-clock care to its residents on 90- or 180-day civil commitments in a community-based setting. This facility will serve patients who require on-site, specialized care and additional support to prepare for living independently in their communities. 

Treatment is individualized and may include counseling, medication management, and other rehabilitative services (for example, independent living skills.)

About Fern Lodge Behavioral Wellness

Construction has begun on Fern Lodge Behavioral Wellness. Leaders from the Tulalip Tribes of Washington blessed the land at the site in July 2023 in a ground breaking ceremony.

The facility is anticipated to open in January 2025.