Problem Gambling Task Force (PGTF)

The Health Care Authority (HCA) is lead agency for the Problem Gambling Task Force (PGTF)—a joint legislative work group funded by the Washington State Legislature in 2019.

The PGTF was created to review existing outreach, prevention, and treatment resources for problem and disordered gambling, and determine if services need to be increased.

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What is the role of the task force?

To further explore and address challenges and opportunities related to problem gambling in Washington State, the PGTF will review:

  • Findings of the Washington State Gambling Commission's 2019 Problem Gambling Study and Report submitted to the Legislature in spring 2019.
  • Existing prevention, treatment, and recovery services offered by Washington state public, private, and nonprofit entities.
  • Existing programs, services, and treatment offered in other states and by the Federal government.

What does the task force plan to achieve?

The task force will make recommendations to the Washington State Legislature. The recommendations provide the foundation for interim and final reports. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the due date for the final report has been extended.

The recommendations will address these topics:

  • How to proceed with initiating a state prevalence study measuring adult participation in gambling and adult problem gambling?
  • Should Washington State expand funding for prevention, treatment, and recovery services?
  • What steps the state should take to improve current licensing and certification of problem gambling health care providers?
  • Are there additional problem gambling areas to be considered? If yes, are there recommended actions?

When does the task force meet?

The task force meets quarterly through 2022.




September 12, 2022 Zoom  
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January 6, 2020

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Meeting notes (01/06/2020)

2022 Problem Gambling Task Force final recommendations report

This report represents the successful three-year collaboration among Problem Gambling Task Force (PGTF) members and subject matter experts. The recommendations and strategies reflect their deep expertise and perspective and offer a road map for improved problem gambling awareness, prevention, treatment, and recovery services in Washington State.

View the full report and the report's appendices.