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Important: Stay covered! Are you enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage? It may be time to complete your renewal. Make sure your address and phone number are up to date so you can stay enrolled. Report a change.

Lifeline phone services

Learn about Lifeline phone services available for income eligible individuals.

Donated cell phone? Services have expired. Cell phone services, including talk minutes and data, donated to Apple Health clients during the COVID-19 pandemic expired on December 31, 2020.

You may keep your cell phone and can connect cellular services through a pre-paid SIM card or a monthly cell phone program starting January 1, 2021.

View the many options to continue your cell phone services using your donated cell phone:

  • If you are receiving Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage through a managed care plan, contact your health plan for information on available cell phone services.
  • If you are receiving Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage without a managed care plan, contact Lifeline phone services for available cell phone options.
  • If you are receiving other local community services, such as Housing and Essential Needs (HEN), community action programs, etc., contact your local service to see what cell phone options they may have available.
  • If you are American Indian or Alaska Native, your tribe or Indian health care provider may be able to help.

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is the Federal Communications Commission’s program to make communications services accessible to low-income consumers in Washington State. Lifeline provides subscribers a discount on monthly telephone service, broadband Internet access service, or voice-broadband bundled service purchased from participating providers.

Who is eligible?

Lifeline is available to eligible, low-income consumers in every state, commonwealth, territory, and on Tribal lands. You can get Lifeline if your income is 135% or less than the federal poverty guidelines. The guideline is based on your household size and state. You may also qualify if you or someone in your household gets SNAP, Apple Health (Medicaid), or other federal assistance programs. Learn more about the eligibility requirements for Lifeline services.

How do I apply?

You can only receive one Lifeline subsidy per household. You must choose whether you want the subsidy applied to a landline or cell phone. View the steps required to receive a Lifeline discount.

Cell phone

  • Apply with a Lifeline cell phone provider in Washington.
  • Complete your phone company’s application for Lifeline services.
  • You will receive a cell phone by mail, if you are eligible.


  • Contact your local landline phone service provider and request a Lifeline application.
  • The local phone company will apply a Lifeline subsidy to your phone bill, if you are eligible.

Lifeline service providers

The following Lifeline service providers are active in Washington:

Enhanced Lifeline benefits for Tribal lands

  • Enhanced Lifeline benefits are available to low-income residents of Tribal lands. You can receive up to $25 per month in addition to the standard Lifeline benefit of up to $9.25, if you live on federally-recognized Tribal lands.
  • Link Up, another federal benefit program, reduces the initial installation or activation fees of certain Lifeline providers offering telephone service on Tribal lands.
  • More details are available online about these programs, including which areas are eligible Tribal lands.


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