Consumer notices workgroup

Who we are

The Washington Apple Health Consumer Notices Workgroup is a collaboration between the Health Care Authority (HCA), consumers, and stakeholders—consisting of community partners and legal advocates.

What we do

Our mission is to work together to improve all Apple Health notices by:

  1. Formatting the notices to increase readability.
  2. Using plain talking language.
  3. Increasing consumer confidence. 

The process for each notice review will include:

  1. Initial drafting and final review by the “Core In-Person Group” in monthly meetings.
  2. Review by the “Subgroup” via email.
  3. Review by HCA staff. 
  4. HCA coordination with HBE or DSHS to finalize system changes.

How can I get involved?

If you are a consumer and interested in participating in the consumer notices workgroup, we offer a quarterly $50 gift card!

For more information contact Heather Chrzan.

Final products

Here are some of the Apple Health letters that have been revised and finalized by the Apple Health Consumer Notices Workgroup.