Apple Health public health emergency (PHE)

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The State Plan is the officially recognized statement describing the nature and scope of Washington State's Medicaid program.

Title SPA packet number Date approved
Pharmacy Average Sales Price 23-0002 9/19/2023
January 2023 fee schedule updates 23-0006 3/15/2023
Face to face assessments 23-0007 5/17/2023
Coverage for Former Foster Care Children 23-0008 5/25/2023
Provider and Facility Rates 23-0011 5/19/2023
Inpatient and Outpatient Supplemental Payments Unwind 23-0016 8/3/2023
Small Rural Disproportionate Share Hospital Supplemental Payments Unwind 23-0017 8/3/2023
Remove Outdated Outpatient Hospital Rate Reference 23-0018 8/11/2023
April 2023 Rate Update 23-0021 8/1/2023
State Governor Review 23-0024 6/29/2023
Add USPSTF to Preventive Services 23-0025 7/20/2023
Civil Commitment Enhancement Rate 23-0032 9/19/2023
Consumer Directed Employer Rates 23-0036 9/08/2023
Community First Choice Voice Signatures 23-0040 8/7/2023
Dental Health Aide Therapists 23-0047 8/21/2023