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Quarterly Washington Preferred Drug Lists


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Drug class updates

Below are the Therapeutic Interchange Program announcements and updates to drug classes covered under the Washington Preferred Drug List.

Drug status on the PDL

Defining a drug’s “preferred” or “non-preferred” status on the PDL:

  • A “preferred” drug on the PDL is not subject to the Therapeutic Interchange Program (TIP).
  • A “non-preferred” drug on the PDL is subject to TIP when it is included in a Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) report.
  • If a drug is part of a PDL drug class, but it has not been reviewed by DERP, it is considered "non-preferred". It is not subject to TIP or dispense as written, and will be covered according to each program's benefit design.

Selection process of preferred drugs on the PDL


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