Our leadership

Dorothy Teeter, director of HCA

Dorothy Frost Teeter, 

Governor Jay Inslee appointed Dorothy director of the Washington State Health Care Authority in March 2013. In this position, she has helped lead the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act, expanding Apple Health coverage to an additional 500,000 Washington residents since 2013. She also oversees an ambitious plan to enhance the state’s approach to worksite wellness and led a successful statewide planning effort that resulted in a $65 million award from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in late 2014.

Why she works for HCA

It is a both a privilege and a serious responsibility to provide leadership at the Health Care Authority.  We help ensure that more than 2 million Washington residents have access to affordable, high-quality health care, and the HCA team works with unflagging commitment to fulfill this mandate. I love coming to work each day; the innovative spirit, collaborative approaches, technical knowledge and operational skill that are routinely on display make HCA the best place ever to serve the public.

MaryAnne Lindeblad, state Medicaid director

MaryAnne Lindeblad, 
State Medicaid director

As state Medicaid director, MaryAnne oversees the Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) program, which serves more than 1.8 million Washington residents. The executive leaders for HCA’s Medicaid Eligibility and Community Support division and Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity division report to MaryAnne. MaryAnne serves on the executive committees of both the National Association of Medicaid Directors and the National Academy for State Health Policy. She also chairs the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Managed Care Technical Advisory Committee.

Why she works for HCA

I have the opportunity to work on challenging issues that reflect my passion of access to quality health care for all. I have focused on access issues most of my career, and find great satisfaction in working on initiatives that broaden access for more individuals. I also get to work with lots of really talented people at HCA!


Susan Lucas, chief operations officer

Susan is the executive leader for the Central Services Administration (CSA). CSA plans, directs, and coordinates all support services and operations, making sure the agency’s work is effective and efficient and uses resources well. These divisions and offices are part of CSA: Division of Legal Services, Employee Resources, Enterprise Technology Services, Financial Services, Healthier Washington operations, Project Management Office, and ProviderOne Operations and Services.

Why she works for HCA

I choose to work at HCA because I place high value on the teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement the agency embraces every day. HCA is aggressively moving health care forward in the state of Washington, making every day interesting and challenging.

Adam Aaseby, chief information officer

As the executive leader of HCA’s Enterprise Technology Services division, Adam oversees core technology, security infrastructure, desktop support, and other IT-related services, and partners with Communications to oversee HCA’s website and intranet. He is also leading innovative analytics work aimed at better health outcomes, improved value, and lower costs.

Why he works for HCA

I work at HCA because if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything. HCA is a place where incredibly talented people—who care heavily about the health and well-being of each other and our enrollees—come to change the world!

Amy Blondin, chief communications officer

As the executive leader of HCA’s Communications Division since 2014, Amy helps share the story of the innovative work happening within HCA. Amy and her team manage strategic communications, media relations, online communications, marketing, language access, and graphic design, and partners with other HCA divisions to plan and execute communications plans and produce publications, forms, and other documents.

Why she works for HCA

I want to help decipher the complexities of health care on behalf of our customers.

Preston Cody, assistant director, Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity

Preston has been the executive leader of HCA’s Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity division since 2010. This division operates family health care and non-emergency medical transportation services, oversees Medicaid outreach conducted by outside entities, manages grants, and oversees managed care contracts and chronic care management programs.

Why he works for HCA

I choose to work for HCA because I am passionate about the mission of the agency. It’s an honor to work in an organization that has the ability to provide services that improve health and save lives. The people who work for this agency are second to none. They are dedicated professionals who have a strong commitment to the people we serve.

Jody Costello, assistant director, Employee Resources Division

Jody has been the executive leader of HCA's Employee Resources Division since 2014. This division is responsible for strategic human resources, including recruitment, labor relations, employee training and development; employee wellness and safety; facilities; and mail and imaging services.

Why she works for HCA

I have a strong commitment to public service and to debunking the myths so many have of public servants. I take great pride in telling the story of public employees and the hard work we do each and every day. At HCA, we make amazing things happen, and I am honored to work with such incredible people.

Mary Fliss, deputy for Clinical Strategy and Operations

As an executive leader in HCA’s Clinical Quality and Care Transformation division, Mary is responsible for strategic planning, operational oversight and support, project management, decision support, clinical contracting, and the prior authorization/clinical service review section. She manages professional clinical and non-clinical policy, IT, and operational staff, ensuring that needed strategy, systems, and infrastructure are in place to carry out the division’s work.

Why she works for HCA

Working here means I am part of creating a better system for care delivery. I also get to work with a great group of people who are working hard to make a healthier Washington.

Charissa Fotinos, deputy medical officer

Tamarra Henshaw, executive assistant to the director

Tamarra provides strategic executive support to HCA’s Director and leads the team of executive assistants that supports agency leadership. After serving in administrative support roles at the Department of Social and Health Services, she joined the Health Care Authority in 2013. Tamarra has worked in state government for nearly two decades.

Why she works for HCA

I enjoy working for the Health Care Authority because I enjoy helping others. I believe that everyone in Washington State should receive health care and be able to purchase it at a cost that is affordable.

Thuy Hua-Ly, chief financial officer

Thuy has served as the executive leader of HCA’s Financial Services division since 2006 and oversees the agency’s $16 billion biennial budget. This division is responsible for managed care and Medicaid fee-for-service rate setting, public employees benefits annual rate procurement, hospital and providers financing programs, budget operations, accounting, Medicaid per-capita forecast, actuarial functions, and financial analytics.

Why she works for HCA

I believe in our vision of a healthier Washington, and I am proud to be part of the team to make it happen. I also have the privilege of working with smart and committed individuals!

David Iseminger, deputy director, Public Employees Benefits Division

As the Public Employees Benefits (PEB) Division’s deputy director, Dave supervises and sponsors operations, account maintenance and customer service for retirees and self-pay members, outreach and training for benefits staff at state agencies and higher education institutions, rulemaking and administrative policymaking, and benefits eligibility appeals.  He has worked with the PEB Division in various capacities since February 2012, first as an assistant attorney general, next as an agency legal manager, and now as the deputy director.

Why he works for HCA

Ensuring PEBB Program members have access to the best and most robust benefits possible is a rewarding experience.  Being able to improve benefits that are accessed during challenging circumstances—whether as part of an emergency room visit, as the result of a recent disability, or after the death of a loved one—is an important responsibility that keeps me motivated to do my best every day.  I love coming to work each day because HCA and PEB staff are so committed to ensuring the best experience for Washingtonians.

Nathan Johnson, chief policy officer

As the executive leader of HCA’s Policy, Planning and Performance division, Nathan oversees policy development and deployment, performance management, legislative and tribal affairs, and a variety of strategic initiatives. He also serves as coordinator of Healthier Washington, the state’s multi-agency, public-private initiative aimed at health transformation, funded in part through a four-year federal State Innovation Models grant.

Why he works for HCA

I choose to work at HCA to advance the cause of better health, better care, and lower costs. I am motivated by our mission to set innovative policy and to purchase high-quality health care for more than 2 million Washingtonians. I come to work every day with a fundamental belief that health care can be more accountable and efficient, and can work better for the people we serve.

Kari Karch, deputy assistant director, Policy, Planning and Performance Division

As an executive leader in the Policy, Planning, and Performance Division, Kari leads organizational development, strategic planning and continuous quality improvement efforts at HCA. She helps ensure that HCA monitors its performance using an outcomes-based management system and takes action to improve when needed. She also oversees HCA's Lean program.

Why she works for HCA

Because I am passionate about health care and I want to make a difference. At HCA, I have the opportunity to support our staff and programs as we purchase health care for nearly one-third of our state.

Taylor Linke, deputy director, Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity Division

As the Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity (MPOI) Division’s deputy director, Taylor is responsible for strategic planning, project management, performance measurement, and the Medicaid claims section. She focuses on developing a high value benefit program for staff, while applying systems thinking and continuous quality improvement efforts to refine processes in order to better support the work carried out in the division.

Why she works for HCA

Having previously worked at the Department of Health for 11 years, I have a passion for public service, specifically with improving work processes to support the health care delivery system. My personal passion seemed to align nicely with the direction of the HCA, and I am thankful every day that I am surrounded by so many other inspiring leaders who truly believe in the work we do.

Dr. Dan Lessler, chief medical officer

Dr. Lessler has been HCA’s chief medical officer since 2013. He is the executive leader of the Clinical Quality and Care Transformation division, leads clinical policy decision-making for the Health Care Authority, and helps ensure HCA’s decisions lead to high-quality care for the more than 2 million Washington residents for whom the agency purchases health care.

Why he works for HCA

As a primary care physician with 21 years of practice experience at a safety net institution, I believe strongly in the vision and mission of HCA.

Louis McDermott, director, Public Employees Benefits Division

Lou has been the executive leader of HCA’s Public Employees Benefits (PEB) Division since 2012. The PEB Division is responsible for public employee insurance benefit programs that cover nearly 350,000 employees and retirees of state agencies, school districts, and other eligible public and tribal employer groups. Lou also leads implementation of an ambitious and innovative plan to enhance the state’s approach to worksite wellness. He advises the HCA director and the Governor’s office on issues related to employee benefits and wellness.

Why he works for HCA

I want to contribute to the health and well-being of our fellow Washingtonians and I believe that this organization is uniquely situated to make that happen.

Cathie Ott, director, ProviderOne Operations and Services

As the director of the Division of ProviderOne Operations and Services, Cathie leads a team responsible for providing a secure and reliable Medicaid payment system with high availability and reliability to internal users.  ProviderOne must pay Medicaid providers on time and accurately and must be responsive to the changing requirements of delivery system transformation and healthcare reform.

Why she works for HCA

I have the chance to be involved every day in the development of creative strategies that address challenging issues and ultimately impact the ability of citizens to access public services.    

Annette Schuffenhauer, chief legal officer

Annette has served as HCA’s chief legal officer and executive leader of HCA’s Division of Legal Services (DLS) since 2013. DLS is responsible for agencywide rule making, administrative policies and procedures, contracting/purchasing/procurement, adjudicative hearings, enterprise risk management, and legal services.

Why she works for HCA

I choose to work at HCA because I have a passion for ensuring that our customers receive quality health care through the various programs we administer.

Kathy Smith, audit and accountability manager

Kathy has served a HCA's internal auditor and executive leader of the Office of Audit and Accountability since 2014. This office provides objective, professional analyses of selected agency operations and processes.

Why she works for HCA

HCA has a national reputation for providing high-quality services in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. We successfully implement large, complex programs and system upgrades that contribute to better health care, processes, and information for health care providers and other stakeholders. Because of HCA’s efforts, Washington citizens, including me and my family, are well cared for. That’s important. And that’s why I work here.

Mary Wood, assistant director, Medicaid Eligibility and Community Support

Mary has served as the executive leader for the Medicaid Eligibility and Community Support division since 2014. This is the largest HCA division, encompassing the Medical Assistance Customer Service Center, Office of Medicaid Eligibility and Policy, and Office of Medical Eligibility Determination Services. Mary also serves as the state’s CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) Director.

Why she works for HCA

After nearly 20 years working eligibility, cash, food and Medicaid, I really wanted to focus on Medicaid eligibility and ensure families had access to care.

Carl Yanagida, executive special assistant to the chief financial officer

Carl served as the deputy chief financial officer from 2014 to 2016 before assuming his current role as executive special assistant to the chief financial officer (CFO). In his current role, he supports the CFO in the oversight of the agency’s financial operations, including external relations, quality assurance, and staff development.

Why I work at HCA

I believe that access to quality, comprehensive health care throughout one’s entire life is a basic human need, not an indulgence. The mission, vision, and size of our Health Care Authority uniquely places it as an evolutionary influence in our communities, state, and nation … a catalyst that can help to transform our health care system to one that properly prioritizes such care as a right. More selfishly, I like working with big numbers and lots of data. I love observing the process of converting raw financial data into actionable business intelligence.