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Decision complete


The HTCC decides whether state agencies should pay for, or cover a technology; not cover a technology; or cover under certain conditions. The decision is complete when the committee formally adopts a findings and decision document describing the coverage decision, any conditions that must be met and the reasoning for the decision.

Participating agencies then implement decisions according to their statutory, regulatory, or contractual process

Note on topic re-review: A health technology for which the committee has already made a coverage determination is considered for re-review at least once every 18 months. In addition, any group or individual may petition the program to consider a health technology for re-review. Whether the technology receives a re-review is determined by the HCA director, based on whether new evidence is available that could change a previous decision. Re-reviewed technologies follow the same steps, from selection to decision, as technologies being reviewed for the first time.


Upon a majority vote about coverage:

  1. The HTCC directs HTA staff to prepare a draft findings and decision document and public meeting minutes that capture the committee discussion and decision.
  2. Draft findings and decision documents are posted for public comment.
  3. The HTA forwards timely public comment to the HTCC prior to the next public meeting.
  4. A final vote to adopt the document is taken at the next public meeting.