General Health Care Authority rulemaking

This page includes all of the current rule making activity for General Health Care Authority.

Patient Decision Aids
Affected WAC: 182-60
Description: The agency is revising the rules governing the certification process for patient decision aids to add more guidance and specificity.
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 17-07-125
Filed: 3/22/17
Prescription Drug Programs
Prescription Drug Program
Affected WAC: Chapter 182-50
Description: The agency amended chapter 182-50 WAC to clarify rules regarding therapeutic alternatives and therapeutic interchange.
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 16-09-011
Filed: 4/8/16
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 16-13-030
Hearing date: 7/26/16
*Comments due by COB
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 16-16-083
Effective: 8/29/16
Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Program
Health Technology Assessment Program
Affected WAC: 182-55-005, 182-55-010, 182-55-015, 182-55-020, 182-55-025, 182-55-026, 182-55-030, 182-55-036, 182-55-040, 182-55-045, 182-55-050, 182-55-055
Description: The Health Care Authority (HCA) has not reviewed Chapter 182-55 WAC since its adoption in 2006. HCA is conducting this rule-making action to provide clarification and modernization of the rules, as well as the adoption of a rule(s) addressing administrative review processes of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) actions and decisions.
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 14-10-070
Filed: 5/6/14
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 16-11-067
Hearing date: 6/21/16
*Comments due by COB
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 16-18-023
Effective: 9/26/16
Safeguarding Health Care Information
Records HIPAA
Affected WAC: ​182-61-0005
Description: Records including Health Care Information
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 14-20-040
Filed: 9/24/14
Withdrawal (CR101) - WSR 16-23-048
Filed: 11/10/16