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Proposed community-based residential treatment facility: Snohomish County

The state will transform health care by building a community-based facility near Stanwood in Snohomish County. The facility will enable people who are receiving inpatient mental health treatment to receive care close to their home, family, and community.

The goal is for the Snohomish County facility to become a part of the community as a resource, a partner, and a good neighbor.

Learn more. Read the updated FAQ for the proposed residential treatment facility in Snohomish County.

FAQ (April 2022)

News and updates

The state has applied for a conditional-use permit with Snohomish County.

The Health Care Authority (HCA) hosted a town hall meeting on March 22. The meeting featured updates on the building design, scope of the project, and timelines. Participants had the opportunity to offer feedback and ask questions.

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How will people use this residential treatment facility?

Treatment is individualized and may include counseling, medication management, and other rehabilitative services (for example, independent living skills.)

Building security

The facility will be kept secure with 24-hour surveillance, entry and exit points of control, and de-escalation training for staff. Specific safety measures are listed below:

  • Patients can move about freely inside of the unit, but they are not allowed to leave until they have completed their treatment.
  • All exterior doors are locked. The outdoor areas are securely enclosed with anti-climb walls that are twelve feet tall.
  • At the main entry and exit points there is a sally-port. The sally-port functions as a secure vestibule where there are two doors in a series, and they are programmed so that both doors cannot be open at the same time.
  • If one door is opened, there is a second locked door to prevent elopement.
  • The construction of the building is hardened construction. In each patient room there is a ½ thick impact resistant third windowpane to prevent elopement by breaking a window.  Other areas are secured with security glazing.