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Behavioral health and recovery rulemaking

Partnership Access Line and Psychiatric Consultation Line
Affected WAC: 182-110-0100, 182-110-0200, 182-110-0300, 182-110-0400, 182-110-0500
Accepting comments
Hearing date: 2/23/2021
Description: The agency intends to develop rules to implement the requirements of SHB 2728, which requires the Health Care Authority to: 1) Calculate the annual costs to operate and administer the partnership lines described in SHB 2728; 2) Calculate the proportion of clients covered by Medicaid program; and 3) Collect a proportional share of program costs from entities that are not for covered lives under contract with HCA as Medicaid managed care organizations.
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 20-22-026
Filed date: 10/26/2020
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 21-03-074
Hearing date: 2/23/2021
*Comments due by 2/23/2021
Tribal designated crisis responder
Affected WAC: 182-450-0100
Pending formal proposal
Filed date: 7/20/2020
Description: Chapter 256, Laws of 2020, among other things, amended RCW 71.05.020(13)’s definition of “designated crisis responder” to include a mental health professional appointed by the Health Care Authority in consultation with a federally recognized Indian tribe or after meeting and conferring with an Indian health care provider. The Health Care Authority is adopting a new rule to govern this appointment process.
Agency contact:
Brian Jensen, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 20-15-124
Filed date: 7/20/2020
Rights related to antipsychotic medication
Affected WAC: 182-400-0100
Pending formal proposal
Filed date: 4/21/2020
Description: The agency intends to develop rules regarding the right of involuntarily detained/committed individuals to refuse antipsychotic medication as required by RCW 71.05.215.
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 20-09-130
Filed date: 4/21/2020
Single Bed Certification
Affected WAC: 182-300-0100
Formally proposed
Effective: 12/26/2020
Description: This rulemaking is required to comply with the requirements in 2ESHB 1388 which changed the designation of the state Behavioral Health Services, effective July 1, 2018. The Single Bed Certification rules were previously filed under Preproposal Statement of Inquiry WSR-18-14-080 and Emergency Rulemaking Order 19-13-057, as WAC 182-538D-0526. The rulemaking under WSR 18-14-080 has progressed to a public hearing under WSR 19-20-125. Rulemaking for Single Bed Certification will be continued through a separate rulemaking progress as the agency has additional work to do to develop the program. Single Bed Certification has also been renumbered from WAC 182-538D-0526 to WAC 182-300-0100 (formerly 182-100-0200) to reflect that it is not solely a service under Medicaid.
Agency contact:
Jason Crabbe, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 19-21-063
Filed: 10/11/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-21-065
Effective: 10/11/19-2/6/2020
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 20-05-021
Effective: 2/7/2020-6/4/2020
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 20-13-011
Effective: 6/5/2020 - 10/1/2020
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 20-15-147
Hearing Date: 8/25/2020
*Comments due by 8/25/2020
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 20-20-070
Effective: 10/2/2020-1/30/2021
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 20-24-082
Effective: 12/26/2020
Behavioral Health Services and Problem Gambling
Affected WAC: 182-100-0100, 182-538D
Formally proposed
Effective: 1/1/2020
Description: This rulemaking is required to comply with the requirements in 2ESHB 1388 which changed the designation of the state Behavioral Health Authority from the Department of Social and Health Services to the Health Care Authority, effective July 1, 2018. These rules currently operate under emergency filing WSR 19-13-057. This rulemaking is also required to implement Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5432 which directs the agency to fully implement behavioral health integration for January 1, 2020, by: 1) removing behavioral health organizations from law; 2) clarifying the roles and responsibilities among the Health Care Authority, the Department of Social and Health Services, and the Department of Health; and 3) clarifying the roles and responsibilities of behavioral health administrative services organizations and the Medicaid managed care organizations; and 4) making technical corrections related to the behavioral health system. This rulemaking is also needed to implement Second Substitute Senate Bill 6312 concerning state purchasing of mental health and chemical dependency treatment services and the full integration of medical and behavioral health services by January 1, 2020.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-14-027
Effective: 7/1/18-10/18/18
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-14-080
Filed: 7/2/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-21-132
Effective: 10/19/18-2/14/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-05-053
Effective: 2/15/19-6/13/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-13-057
Effective: 6/14/19-10/10/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-21-066
Effective: 10/11/19-2/8/20
Proposal (CR102) - WSR 19-20-125
Hearing date: 11/5/19
Comments due: 11/5/19
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 19-24-063
Effective: 1/1/2020