Behavioral health and recovery rulemaking

Behavioral Health Services and Problem Gambling
Affected WAC: 182-100-0100, 182-538D
Description: This rulemaking implements 2ESHB 1388 which changed the designation of the state Behavioral Health Authority from the Department of Social and Health Services to the Health Care Authority, effective July 1, 2018. The Health Care Authority is the single state Medicaid agency responsible for state health care purchasing. These emergency rules are substantially the same as the rules in Chapter 388-865 and a few sections regarding the grievance processes in Chapter 388-877 that are being repealed by the Department of Social and Health Services.
Agency contact:
Amy Emerson, rule writer
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-14-027
Effective: 7/1/18-10/18/18
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 18-14-080
Filed: 7/2/18
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 18-21-132
Effective: 10/19/18-2/14/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-05-053
Effective: 2/15/19-6/13/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-13-057
Effective: 6/14/19-10/10/19
Emergency Adoption (CR103E) - WSR 19-21-066
Effective: 10/11/19-2/8/20