WAC 182-526-0575 How to request review of an initial order.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. A party must make the request for review of an initial order in writing and file the request with the board of appeals (BOA) at the address given in WAC 182-526-0030 and within the deadlines set forth in WAC 182-526-0580
  2. The request for review should identify the parts of the initial order with which the party disagrees and should identify the evidence in the hearing record supporting the party's position.
  3. The party seeking review should also send a copy of the review request to the other parties.
  4. After receiving a request for review of an initial order, BOA serves a copy on the other parties, their representatives, and the office of administrative hearings. The other parties and their representatives may respond as described in WAC 182-526-0590.

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