WAC 182-526-0520 Information which must be included in the ALJ's initial order.

Effective March 16, 2017

In an initial order, the administrative law judge (ALJ) must:

  1. Identify the matter as a health care authority appeal;
  2. List the name and docket number of the case and the names of all parties and representatives;
  3. Make findings concerning the facts used to resolve the dispute based on the hearing record;
  4. Explain how the ALJ determined that evidence is credible or not credible when the facts or conduct of a witness is questioned;
  5. State the law that applies to the dispute;
  6. Apply the law to the facts of the case in the conclusions of law;
  7. Discuss the reasons for the decision based on the facts and the law;
  8. State the result and remedy ordered;
  9. Explain how to request corrections to the initial order or petition for review by the board of appeals (BOA) and provide the deadlines for such requests;
  10. State the date the initial order becomes final according to WAC 182-526-0525; and
  11. Include any other information required by law or program rules.

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