WAC 182-526-0375 Summary of the hearing process.

Effective March 16, 2017

At a hearing under this chapter:

  1. The administrative law judge (ALJ):
    1. Explains the hearing rights of the parties;
    2. Marks and admits or rejects exhibits;
    3. Ensures that a record is made;
    4. Explains that a decision is mailed after the hearing;
    5. Notifies the parties of appeal rights;
    6. May keep the record open for a time after the hearing if needed to receive more evidence or argument; and
    7. May take actions as authorized under this chapter.
  2. The parties may:
    1. Make opening statements to explain the issues;
    2. Offer evidence to prove their positions, including oral or written statements of witnesses;
    3. Question the witnesses presented by the other parties; and
    4. Give closing arguments about what the evidence shows and what laws apply.
  3. At the end of the hearing, the record is closed unless the ALJ allows more time to file additional evidence. See WAC 182-526-0390.

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