WAC 182-526-0260 Amending the health care authority or managed care organization notice.

Effective February 1, 2013

  1. The administrative law judge (ALJ) must allow the health care authority (HCA), HCA’s authorized agent or a managed care organization (MCO) to amend (change) the notice of an action before or during the hearing to match the evidence and facts.
  2. HCA, HCA’s authorized agent or MCO must put the change in writing and deliver a copy to the ALJ and all parties.
  3. The ALJ must offer to continue (postpone) the hearing to give the parties more time to prepare or present evidence or argument if there is a substantive change from the earlier notice.
  4. If the ALJ grants a continuance, the office of administrative hearings must serve a new hearing notice at least fourteen calendar days before the hearing date.

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