WAC 182-526-0218 The authority of a review judge when conducting a hearing as a presiding officer.

Effective February 1, 2013

  1. A review judge has the same authority and responsibilities as an administrative law judge, as described in WAC 182-526-0215, when conducting a hearing.
  2. A review judges conducts the hearing and enters the final order in cases where a contractor for the delivery of nursing facility services requests an administrative hearing under WAC 388-96-904(5).
  3. The review judge enters final HCA decisions on all cases in the form of a final order.
  4. Following a review judge’s final order:
    1. Any party may request reconsideration of the final order as provided in this chapter and WAC 388-96-904(12); and
    2. The party who requested the hearing, but not the health care authority or any of its authorized agents, may file a petition for judicial review as provided in this chapter.

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