WAC 182-515-1512 Home and community based (HCB) waiver services authorized by the developmental disabilities administration (DDA)- Financial eligibility if a client is eligible for a noninstitutional SSI-related categorically needy (CN) program.

Effective January 1, 2018

  1. A client is financially eligible for home and community based (HCB) waiver services authorized by the developmental disabilities administration (DDA) if:
    1. The client is receiving coverage under one of the following categorically needy (CN) medicaid programs:
      1. Supplemental security income (SSI) program under WAC 182-510-0001. This includes SSI clients under 1619(b) status; or
      2. Health care for workers with disabilities (HWD) under chapter 182-511 WAC; or
      3.  SSI-related noninstitutional (CN) program under chapter 182-512 WAC; or
      4. The foster care program under WAC 182-505-0211 and the client meets disability requirements under WAC 182-512-0050.
    2.  The client does not have a penalty period of ineligibility for the transfer of an asset as under WAC 182-513-1363; and
    3.  The client does not own a home with equity in excess of the requirements under WAC 182-513-1350.
  2.  A client eligible under this section does not pay toward the cost of care, but must pay room and board if living in an alternate living facility (ALF) under WAC 182-513-1100.
  3.  A client eligible under this section who lives in a department-contracted ALF described under WAC 182-513-1100:
    1.  Keeps a personal needs allowance (PNA) under WAC 182-513-1105; and
    2.  Pays towards room and board up to the room and board standard under WAC 182-513-1105.
  4.  A client who is eligible under the HWD program must pay the HWD premium under WAC 182-511-1250, in addition to room and board if residing in an ALF.
  5.  Current resource, income, PNA and room and board standards are found at www.hca.wa.gov/free-or-low-cost-health-care/program-administration/program-standard-income-and-resources.

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