WAC 182-515-1510 Home and community based (HCB) waiver services authorized by the developmental disabilities administration (DDA).

Effective February 20, 2017

This chapter describes the general and financial eligibility requirements for categorically needy (CN) home and community based (HCB) waivers authorized by the developmental disabilities administration (DDA). The definitions in WAC 182-513-1100 and chapter 182-500 WAC apply throughout this chapter.

  1. The DDA waiver programs are:
    1. Basic Plus;
    2. Core;
    3. Community protection;
    4. Children's intensive in-home behavioral support (CIIBS); and
    5. Individual and family services (IFS).
  2. WAC 182-515-1511 describes the general eligibility requirements for HCB waiver services authorized by DDA.
  3. WAC 182-515-1512 describes the financial requirements for eligibility for HCB waiver services authorized by DDA if a person is eligible for a noninstitutional SSI-related CN program.
  4. WAC 182-515-1513 describes the financial eligibility requirements for HCB waiver services authorized by DDA when a person is not eligible for an SSI-related noninstitutional CN program under WAC 182-515-1512.
  5. WAC 182-515-1514 describes the rules used to determine a person's responsibility in the cost of care and room and board for HCB waiver services authorized by DDA if the person is eligible under WAC 182-515-1512.

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