WAC 182-514-0250 Program for adults age nineteen and older.

Effective February 29, 2016.

  1. To qualify for coverage under the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)-based long-term care (LTC) program under this section, a person ((twenty-one years of)) age nineteen or older must be eligible for one of the following Washington apple health (WAH) programs:
    1. WAC 182-505-0240 Washington apple health—Parents and caretaker relatives;
    2. WAC 182-523-0100 Washington apple health—Medical extension;
    3. WAC 182-505-0250 Washington apple health—MAGI-based adult medical;
    4. WAC 182-505-0115 Washington apple health—Eligibility for pregnant women; or
    5. WAC 182-507-0110 Washington apple health—Alien medical programs.
  2. The categorically needy (CN) income level for health care coverage under this section is the applicable standard for the program the person receives after the standard five percentage point income disregard. See WAC 182-505-0100 for standards based on the federal poverty level.
  3. The medicaid agency determines countable income for CN coverage under this section using MAGI methodology under chapter 182-509 WAC.
  4. The agency approves CN coverage under this section for twelve calendar months.
  5. A person is ineligible for medically needy (MN) coverage under this section if the person's income exceeds CN eligibility standards, unless the person is age nineteen, twenty, or pregnant.
  6. If a person who is age nineteen, twenty, or pregnant is not eligible for CN coverage under this section, the agency determines eligibility for MN coverage under WAC 182-514-0263.
  7. A person who applies for or receives MAGI-based LTC coverage at Eastern or Western State Hospital in the month of his or her twenty-first birthday and who receives active inpatient psychiatric treatment that will likely continue through the person's twenty-first birthday is eligible for CN coverage until:(a) The facility discharges the person; or(b) The end of the month in which the person turns age twenty-two, whichever occurs first.
  8. Except for a person described in subsection (7) of this section, a person who is admitted to Eastern or Western State Hospital who is older than age twenty but younger than age sixty-five is not eligible for WAH coverage.

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