WAC 182-513-1200 Long-term services and supports authorized under Washington Apple Health programs

Effective February 20, 2017

  1. Long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs available to people eligible for noninstitutional Washington apple health coverage who meet the functional requirements.
    1. Noninstitutional apple health coverage in an alternate living facility (ALF) under WAC 182-513-1205.
    2. Community first choice (CFC) under WAC 182-513-1210.
    3. Medicaid personal care (MPC) under WAC 182-513-1225.
    4. For people who do not meet institutional status under WAC 182-513-1320, skilled nursing or rehabilitation is available under the CN, medically needy (MN) or alternative benefits plan (ABP) scope of care if enrolled into a managed care plan.
  2. Non-HCB waiver LTSS programs that use institutional rules under WAC 182-513-1315 and 182-513-1380 or HCB waiver rules under chapter 182-515 WAC, depending on the person's living arrangement:
    1. Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) under WAC 182-513-1230.
    2. Roads to community living (RCL) under WAC 182-513-1235.
    3. Hospice under WAC 182-513-1240.

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