WAC 182-512-0100 SSI-related medical -- Categorically needy (CN) medical eligibility.

Effective April 14, 2014.

  1. Washington apple health (WAH) categorically needy (CN) coverage is available for an SSI-related person who meets the criteria in WAC 182-512-0050, SSI-related medical—General information.
  2. To be eligible for SSI-related WAH CN medical programs, a person must also have:
    1. Countable income and resources at or below the SSI-related WAH CN medical monthly standard (refer to WAC 182-512-0010) or be eligible for an SSI cash grant but choose not to receive it; or
    2. Countable resources at or below the SSI resource standard and income above the SSI-related WAH CN medical monthly standard, but the countable income falls below that standard after applying special income disregards as described in WAC 182-512-0880; or
    3. Met requirements for long-term care (LTC) WAH CN income and resource requirements that are found in chapters 182-513 and 182-515 WAC if wanting LTC or waiver services.
  3. An ineligible spouse of an SSI recipient is not eligible for noninstitutional SSI-related WAH CN health care coverage. If an ineligible spouse of an SSI recipient has dependent children in the home, eligibility may be determined for health care coverage under the WAH medically needy program or for a modified adjusted gross income-based program.

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