WAC 182-507-0110 Washington apple health -- Alien medical programs.

Effective March 31, 2014.

  1. To qualify for an alien medical program (AMP) a person must:
    1. Be ineligible for federally funded Washington apple health (WAH) programs due to the citizenship/alien status requirements described in WAC 182-503-0535;
    2. Meet the requirements described in WAC 182-507-0115, 182-507-0120, or 182-507-0125; and
    3. Meet all categorical and financial eligibility criteria for one of the following programs, except for the Social Security number or citizenship/alien status requirements:
      1. An SSI-related medical program described in chapters 182-511 and 182-512 WAC;
      2. A MAGI-based program referred to in WAC 182-503-0510; or
      3. The breast and cervical cancer treatment program for women described in WAC 182-505-0120; or
      4. A medical extension described in WAC 182-523-0100.
  2. AMP medically needy (MN) health care coverage is available only for children, pregnant women and persons who meet SSI-related criteria. See WAC 182-519-0100 for MN eligibility and WAC 182-519-0110 for spending down excess income under the MN program.
  3. The agency or its designee does not consider a person's date of arrival in the United States when determining eligibility for AMP.
  4. For non-MAGI-based programs, the agency or its designee does not consider a sponsor's income and resources when determining eligibility for AMP, unless the sponsor makes the income or resources available. Sponsor deeming does not apply to MAGI-based programs.
  5. A person is not eligible for AMP if that person entered the state specifically to obtain medical care.
  6. A person who the agency or its designee determines is eligible for AMP may be eligible for retroactive coverage as described in WAC 182-504-0005.
  7. Once the agency or its designee determines financial and categorical eligibility for AMP, the agency or its designee then determines whether a person meets the requirements described in WAC 182-507-0115, 182-507-0120, or 182-507-0125.

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