WAC 182-506-0010 Medical assistance units for MAGI-based programs.

Effective April 3, 2016

This section applies to applicants or recipients whose financial eligibility for Washington apple health coverage is based on modified adjusted gross income methodology under WAC 182-503-0510 and 182-509-0300.

  1. General medical assistance unit (MAU) rules.
    1. The rules in this section describe how the medicaid agency must determine who is in an applicant's or recipient's MAU.
    2. Each person will have an individualized MAU and may have different eligibility results than other people on the same application.
    3. The countable income used to determine a person's eligibility is the sum of the countable income of everyone in the person's MAU.
  2. Rules regardless of tax filing status.
    1. If a married couple resides together, the agency must include both people in each other's MAU regardless of tax filing status.
    2. If a member of the MAU is pregnant, the number of people in the MAU increases by one for each unborn child.
    3. A deceased person does not count in the MAU of other applicants or recipients except in the month the person died.
  3. Children residing in an institution under chapter 182-514 WAC. An applicant or recipient is the only person in the MAU if the applicant or recipient: 
    1. Has resided in a medical institution, institution for mental diseases (IMD), or inpatient psychiatric facility for thirty consecutive days; or
    2. Based on an assessment by the department of social and health services, is likely to reside in a medical institution, IMD, or inpatient
      psychiatric facility for thirty consecutive days.

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