WAC 182-505-0117 Washington apple health -- Eligibility for pregnant minors.

Effective November 7, 2014.

  1. For the purposes of this rule, "minor" means a person under the age of nineteen.
  2. A pregnant minor who meets Washington state residency requirements under WAC 182-503-0520 and 182-503-0525 is eligible for the Washington apple health (WAH) for kids program.
  3. The medical assistance unit (MAU) of a pregnant minor is the pregnant minor.
  4. There are no income standards and no resource tests for a pregnant minor to be eligible for WAH for kids.
  5. To ensure reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, every pregnant minor applicant for WAH for kids must provide her Social Security number unless she is exempt under WAC 182-503-0515 and provide her citizenship or immigration status. The immigration status of a pregnant minor who is an undocumented alien (see WAC 182-503-0530) will not be disclosed to any third party.
  6. The assignment of rights as described in WAC 182-503-0540 does not apply to pregnant minors.
  7. A pregnant minor covered by the WAH for kids program will have a one year certification period unless she has her nineteenth birthday during her pregnancy, at which time she will be automatically enrolled in the WAH for pregnant women program. Under the WAH for pregnant women program, her coverage will continue through the end of her pregnancy and she will be eligible for extended medical coverage for postpartum care through the end of the month of the sixtieth day after the end of her pregnancy. 

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