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Medicaid suspension

Health Care Authority (HCA) provides educational webinars, videos and presentations sharing information about Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) Suspension and Care Coordination for justice-involved individuals receiving health care coverage.

Medicaid suspension and care coordination

Individuals in the custody of the criminal justice system (also known as justice-involved individuals) need seamless access to community treatment networks and medical assistance, upon release from custody, to prevent gaps in treatment and reduce barriers to accessing care. Access to care is critical to reducing repeat offenses and decreasing the costs of relapse, deteriorating mental health, and crisis care.

View materials created for sharing with Apple Health clients who are being released and need same-day access to their prescription or treatment services:

Substitute Senate Bill 6430

SSB 6430 directs HCA to suspend, rather than terminate, medical assistance benefits for individuals who are incarcerated or committed to a state hospital, since July 1, 2017. The intent is to provide continuity of care for individuals upon reentry into the community. 

Learn more about the implementation of this bill:

Medicaid suspension webinars