WAC 182-513-1615 Tailored Supports for Older Adults (TSOA) - General Eligibility

Effective July 1, 2017

  1. The person receiving care must meet the financial eligibility criteria for tailored supports for older adults (TSOA).
  2. To be eligible for the TSOA program, the person receiving care must:
    1. Be age fifty-five or older;
    2. Be assessed as meeting nursing facility level of care under WAC 388-106-0355;
    3. Meet residency requirements under WAC 182-503-0520;
    4. Live at home and not in a residential or institutional setting;
    5. Have an eligible unpaid caregiver under WAC 388-106-1905, or meet the criteria under WAC 388-106-1910 if the person does not have an eligible unpaid caregiver;
    6. Meet citizenship or immigration status requirements under WAC 182-503-0535. To be eligible for TSOA, a person must be a:
      1. U.S. citizen under WAC 182-503-0535 (1)(c);
      2. U.S. national under WAC 182-503-0535 (1)(d);
      3. Qualifying American Indian born abroad under WAC 182-503-0535 (1)(f); or
      4. Qualified alien under WAC 182-503-0535 (1)(b) and have either met or is exempt from the five-year bar requirement for medicaid.
    7. Provide a valid Social Security number under WAC 182-503-0515;
    8. Have countable resources within specific program limits under WAC 182-513-1640; and
    9. Meet income requirements under WAC 182-513-1635.
  3. TSOA applicants who receive coverage under Washington apple health programs are not eligible for TSOA, unless they are enrolled in:
    1. Medically needy program under WAC 182-519-0100;
    2. Medicare savings programs under WAC 182-517-0300;
    3. Family planning program under WAC 182-505-0115;
    4. TAKE CHARGE program under WAC 182-532-720; or
    5. The kidney disease program under chapter 182-540 WAC.
  4. A person who receives apple health coverage under a categorically needy (CN) or alternative benefit plan (ABP) program is not eligible for TSOA but may qualify for:
    1. Caregiver supports under medicaid alternative care (MAC) under WAC 182-513-1605; or
    2. Other long-term services and supports under chapter 182-513 or 182-515 WAC.
  5. The following rules do not apply to services provided under the TSOA benefit:
    1. Transfer of asset penalties under WAC 182-513-1363;
    2. Excess home equity under WAC 182-513-1350;
    3. Client financial responsibility under WAC 182-515-1509;
    4. Estate recovery under chapter 182-527 WAC;
    5. Disability requirements under WAC 182-512-0050;
    6. Requirement to do anything necessary to obtain income under WAC 182-512-0700(1); and
    7. Assignment of rights and cooperation under WAC 182-503-0540

This is a reprint of the official rule as published by the Office of the Code Reviser. If there are previous versions of this rule, they can be found using the Legislative Search page.