WAC 182-551-1000 Hospice program - General

WAC 182-551-1000 Hospice program—General

Effective May 18, 2012

  1. The medicaid agency's hospice program is a twenty-four hour a day program that allows a terminally ill client to choose physical, pastoral/spiritual, and psychosocial comfort care and a focus on quality of life. A hospice interdisciplinary team communicates with the client's nonhospice care providers to ensure the client's needs are met through the hospice plan of care. Hospitalization is used only for acute symptom management.
  2. A client, a physician, or an authorized representative under RCW 7.70.065 may initiate hospice care. The client's physician must certify the client as terminally ill and appropriate for hospice care.
  3. Hospice care is provided in a client's temporary or permanent place of residence.
  4. Hospice care ends when:
    1. The client or an authorized representative under RCW 7.70.065 revokes the hospice care;
    2. The hospice agency discharges the client;
    3. The client's physician determines hospice care is no longer appropriate; or
    4. The client dies.
  5. Hospice care includes the provision of emotional and spiritual comfort and bereavement support to the client's family member(s).
  6. Medicaid agency-approved hospice agencies must meet the general requirements in chapter 182-502 WAC, Administration of medical programs—Providers.

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