WAC 182-526-0380 Group hearing requests.

WAC 182-526-0380 Group hearing requests and withdrawals.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. A group hearing may be held when two or more parties request a hearing about similar issues.
  2. Hearings may be combined at the request of the parties or the administrative law judge (ALJ).
  3. All parties participating in a group hearing may have their own representative present.
  4. A party may withdraw from a group hearing by asking the administrative law judge for a separate hearing.
  5. If a party asks to withdraw from a group hearing before the ALJ makes a discretionary ruling or the hearing begins, the ALJ must give the party a separate hearing.
  6. If a party later shows good cause, the ALJ may give the party a separate hearing at any time during the hearing process.
  7. The ALJ must grant a party's request to withdraw from a group hearing when participation in the group hearing could require the release of confidential or protected health care information and the party does not consent to the release of such information. 

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