WAC 182-526-0185 Settlement agreements

WAC 182-526-0185 Settlement agreements.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. If the parties resolve the dispute during the prehearing meeting and put it in writing or present the agreement to an administrative law judge (ALJ), the agreement may be legally enforceable.
  2. If the parties want the ALJ to consider any agreements or stipulations made at the prehearing meeting, the parties must present them to the ALJ either before or during the hearing.
  3. If all the issues are not resolved in the prehearing meeting, the parties may request a prehearing conference before an ALJ or go to the scheduled hearing. The ALJ may also order a prehearing conference.
  4. If all the issues are resolved and the settlement agreement is in writing and signed by both parties, or presented orally by both parties to the ALJ, the ALJ enters the settlement agreement into the record and the agreement constitutes a withdrawal of the appellant's hearing request.

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