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WAC 182-526-0080 Resolving a dispute with the health care authority

WAC 182-526-0080 Resolving a dispute with the health care authority.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. If a person or entity disagrees with a decision or action of the health care authority (HCA) or one of its authorized agents, the person or entity may request a hearing.
  2. A notice of an action or decision by HCA or its authorized agent sent to a person's or entity's correct address is presumed to be received by the person or entity on the fourth business day after it was sent by first class mail. This presumption does not apply to certified or registered mail.
  3. A hearing must be requested in the manner and within the deadlines established in statute or rule.
  4. After a person or entity requests a hearing the dispute may be resolved through:
    1. Any prehearing alternative or administrative process offered by the program, HCA's authorized agent, or the HCA hearing representative;
    2. A prehearing meeting;
    3. A prehearing conference; or
    4. A hearing.

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