WAC 182-518-0020 Washington apple health -Notice requirements -- Renewals

WAC 182-518-0020 Washington apple health -Notice requirements -- Renewals.

Effective August 29, 2014.

  1. We send you written notice before we stop your WAH coverage at the end of your certification period as described in WAC 182-504-0035.
  2. When we can administratively renew your coverage (as defined in WAC 182-500-0010), the notice includes:
    1. Your new certification period;
    2. The information we used to renew your coverage; and
    3. A request for you to give us updated information, if any of the information we used is inaccurate.
  3. When we cannot administratively renew your coverage, the notice includes:
    1. Information we currently have on record;
    2. How to complete the renewal using any of the methods described in WAC 182-504-0035 (1)(b);
    3. What action we will take on what date if we do not receive your completed renewal application on time; and
    4. That we follow the rules in WAC 182-518-0015.
  4. We send your renewal notice following the timeline in:
    1. WAC 182-504-0035(2) for programs based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI); or
    2. WAC 182-504-0035(3) for non-MAGI based programs.

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