WAC 182-516-0105 General rules that apply to all trusts

WAC 182-516-0105 General rules that apply to all trusts.

Effective March 2, 2018

  1. Regardless of treatment under this chapter, all trusts remain subject to Title 182 WAC, which include income and resource rules under chapter 182-512 WAC and asset transfer rules under WAC 182-513-1363, un­less specified otherwise.
  2. The medicaid agency or the agency's designee treats the trust or a distribution from the trust as a third-party resource under WAC 182-501-0200 if:
    1. The agency or the agency's designee determines the trust is not an available resource or determines the distributions from a trust are not income; and
    2. The terms of the trust or how the trust is being administered meet the third-party resource rules under WAC 182-501-0200.
  3. The agency or the agency's designee applies the rules under WAC 182-516-0100 to both the language of the trust and how the trust is being administered.
  4. Assets in a trust are available resources to the beneficiary if the beneficiary:
    1. Is a trustee; or
    2. Can direct the use of the trust principal or income, or di­rect the trustee's use of trust principal or income, for that benefi­ciary's support and maintenance under the terms of the trust.
  5. Cash distributions from a trust to the beneficiary are un­ earned income to the beneficiary in the month they are received or should have been received under the trust's terms.
  6. For asset transfer dates for trusts, the transfer date of an asset under WAC 182-513-1363 is the latest of:
    1. The date the trust was established;
    2. The date the asset being evaluated was transferred into the trust; or
    3. The date access to the asset was foreclosed by any action, inaction, or language in the trust, which prevents the beneficiary from accessing the asset.
  7. A client who is denied or terminated from medicaid due to the application of any rules under WAC 182-516-0100 may apply for a hard­ship waiver under WAC 182-513-1367.

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