WAC 182-513-1645 Tailored Supports for Older Adults (TSOA) - Certification Periods.

WAC 182-513-1645 Tailored supports for older adults (TSOA) — Certification periods.

Effective July 1, 2017

  1. A certification period is the period of time a person is determined eligible for the tailored supports for older adults (TSOA) program. It begins on the first day of the month that the medicaid agency or the agency's designee determines the person is eligible for TSOA services, and continues through the last day of the month of the certification period.
  2. TSOA is certified for twelve months of continuous coverage regardless of a change in circumstances, unless the person:
    1. Moves out-of-state;
    2. Meets institutional status under WAC 182-513-1320;
    3. Becomes eligible for a categorically needy or alternate benefit plan Washington apple health program; or
    4. Dies.
  3. Financial eligibility for the TSOA program may not be approved prior to the date of a presumptive or full eligibility determination.

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