Potential government shutdown

In the event of a federal government shutdown, individuals enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid), Public Employees Benefits Board, and School Employees Benefits Board coverage—and those accessing behavioral health services—will not experience a disruption in care. In addition, health care providers will continue to be paid for the services they provide.

If a shutdown occurs, we will share more information at that time.

Apple Health public health emergency (PHE)

Important: Stay covered! Are you enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage? It may be time to complete your renewal. Make sure your address and phone number are up to date so you can stay enrolled. Report a change.

WAC 182-513-1610 Tailored Supports for Older Adults (TSOA) - Overview

WAC 182-513-1610 Tailored supports for older adults (TSOA) — Overview.

Effective July 1, 2017

  1. The tailored supports for older adults (TSOA) program is a federally funded program approved under section 1115 of the So­cial Security Act. It enables the medicaid agency and the agency's designees to deliver person-centered long-term services and supports (LTSS) to a person who:
    1. Meets nursing facility level of care described in WAC 388-106-0355; and
    2. Meets the functional requirements under WAC 388-106-1900 through 388-106-1990.
  2. For the purposes of TSOA, the applicant is the person receiv­ing care even though services may be authorized to the person provid­ing care. TSOA does not provide Washington apple health coverage.

This is a reprint of the official rule as published by the Office of the Code Reviser. If there are previous versions of this rule, they can be found using the Legislative Search page.