WAC 182-512-0940 SSI-related medical -- Deeming income from an ineligible parent(s) to a child applying for SSI-related medical

WAC 182-512-0940 SSI-related medical -- Deeming income from an ineligible parent(s) to a child applying for SSI-related medical.

Effective April 14, 2014.

The agency considers income of financially responsible persons to determine if a portion of that income must be regarded as available to other household members.

  1. A portion of the income of a parent(s) is considered available to the SSI-related applicant child when the child is age seventeen or younger and the parent(s) is:
    1. Financially responsible for the SSI-related child as described in WAC 182-506-0015;
    2. The natural, adoptive, or step-parent of the child;
    3. Living in the same household with the child;
    4. Not receiving a needs-based payment such as TANF, SFA or SSI; and
    5. Not related to SSI or not applying for medical assistance.
  2. If an SSI-related applicant between the ages of eighteen to twenty-one lives with their parents, only consider the parent's income available to the applicant if it is actually contributed to the applicant. If income is not contributed, count only the applicant's own separate income.
  3. Income that is deemed to the child is considered as that child's income.
  4. When determining whether a parent's income is countable, the agency:
    1. Follows the income rules described in WAC 182-512-0600 through 182-512-0780; and
    2. Excludes income described in WAC 182-512-0800 and 182-512-0840, and all income excluded under a federal statute or state law as described in WAC 182-512-0860.
  5. When determining the amount of income to be deemed from a parent(s) to an SSI-related minor child for Washington apple health (WAH) categorically needy (CN) and medically needy (MN) coverage, the agency reduces the parent(s) countable income in the following order:
    1. Court ordered child support paid out for a child not in the home;
    2. An amount equal to one half of the federal benefit rate (FBR) for each SSI-eligible sibling living in the household, minus any countable income of that child. See WAC 182-512-0010 for FBR amount;
    3. A twenty dollar general income exclusion;
    4. A deduction equal to sixty-five dollars plus one-half of the remainder from any remaining earned income of the parent(s);
    5. An amount equal to the one-person SSI CNIL for a single parent or the two-person SSI CNIL for a two parent household;
    6. Any income remaining after these deductions is considered countable income to the SSI-related child and is added to the child's own income. If there is more than one child applying for SSI-related health care coverage, the deemed parental income is divided equally between the applicant children; and
    7. The deductions described in this section are deducted first from unearned income then from earned income unless they are specific to earned income.
  6. The SSI-related applicant child is also allowed all applicable income exclusions and disregards described in chapter 182-512 WAC from their own income. After determining the child's nonexcluded income, the agency:
    1. Allows the twenty dollar general income exclusion from any unearned income;
    2. Deducts sixty-five dollars plus one half of the remainder from any earned income which has not already been excluded under the student earned income exclusion (see WAC 182-512-0820); and
    3. Adds the child's countable income to the amount deemed from their parent(s). If the combination of the child's countable income plus deemed parental income is equal to or less than the SSI CNIL, the child is eligible for SSI-related WAH CN health care coverage.
  7. If the combination of the child's countable income plus deemed parental income is greater than the SSI CNIL, the agency considers the child for SSI-related WAH medically needy (MN) coverage. Any amount exceeding the effective medically needy income level (MNIL) is used to calculate the amount of the child's spenddown liability as described in WAC 182-519-0110. See WAC 182-519-0050 for the current MNIL standards.

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