WAC 182-512-0300 SSI-related medical -- Resources eligibility.

WAC 182-512-0300  SSI-related medical -- Resources eligibility.

Effective January 27, 2019

  1. At 12:00 a.m. on the first day of the month a client's countable resources must be at or below the resource standard to be eligible for noninstitutional medical benefits for that month. If the total of the client's countable resources is above the resource standard at 12:00 a.m. on the first day of the month, the client is ineligible for noninstitutional medical benefits for that entire month regardless of resource status at the time of application during that month. For resource eligibility relating to long term care eligibility see chapter 182-513 WAC.
  2. An excluded resource converted to another excluded resource remains excluded.
  3. Cash received from the sale of an excluded resource becomes a countable resource the first of the month following conversion unless the cash is:
    1. Used to replace the excluded resource; 
    2. Invested in another excluded resource in the same month or within the longer time allowed for home sales under WAC 182-512-0350; or
    3. Spent.
  4. The unspent portion of a nonrecurring lump sum payment is counted as a resource on the first of the month following its receipt with the following exception: the unspent portion of any Title II (SSA) or Title XVI (SSI) retroactive payment is excluded as a resource for nine months following the month of receipt. These exclusions apply to lump sums received by the client, client's spouse or any other person who is financially responsible for the client.
  5. Clients applying for SSI related medical coverage for long term care (LTC) services must meet different resource rules. See chapter 182-513 WAC for LTC rules.
  6. The transfer of a resource without adequate consideration does not affect medical program eligibility except for LTC services described in chapters 182-513 and 182-515 WAC. In those programs, the transfer may make a client ineligible for medical benefits for a period of time. See WAC 182-513-1363 for LTC rules.

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