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WAC 182-509-0325 MAGI income -- Unearned income.

WAC 182-509-0325 MAGI income -- Unearned income.

Effective January 9, 2014.

For purposes of determining eligibility for modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)–based Washington apple health (WAH) (see WAC 182-509-0300):

  1. Unearned income is income received from a source other than employment or self-employment. Examples of unearned income include, but are not limited to:
    1. Tier 1 Railroad Retirement;
    2. Unemployment compensation, except as described in WAC 182-509-0320;
    3. Title II Social Security benefits (including retirement benefits, disability benefits, and benefits for survivors);
    4. Rental income;
    5. Pensions, IRAs, military retirement and annuity payments, except as described in WAC 182-509-0320;
    6. Dividend payments from stocks or shares held in companies; and
    7. Per capita distributions from gaming made by a tribe (see WAC 182-509-0340).
  2. When the unearned income must be counted, the agency counts the gross amount before any taxes or premiums are taken out.
  3. See WAC 182-509-0320 for examples of unearned income that are not counted.

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