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Resource eligibility index

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This section describes how the department looks at an individual's resources (also called assets) when determining eligibility for long-term care programs


Available Resources

This section describes resource eligibility for institutional Washington Apple Health programs, including home and community based (HCB) waiver programs. The section includes information on how to handle excess resources, vehicles, patient trust accounts at facilities, treatment of the home and the resource calculation of a married couple.


Annuity Life Expectancy Tables

Excess Home Equity

This section explains the requirements relating to the amount of equity an individual may have in the home and still qualify for long-term care services.

Estate Recovery

Explains who is subject to Estate Recovery and includes the ALTSA Estate Recovery handout and Legal Services bulletin

Hardship Waivers for long-term care (LTC) services

This section includes information on when the department can look at a hardship waiver, how to request a hardship waiver and what to do if your request is denied. Hardship waivers can be considered any time the department denies a long-term care application due to transfer of assets or due to an individual having excess equity in their home.

How life estates affect eligibility

This section describes how Life Estates affect long term care eligibility

Determining the value of life estates

This section is a chart used to determine the value of a life estate

Long-term Care Partnership

Long-term Care Partnership - Information for Consumers

Long-term Care - Partnership - Frequently Asked Questions

These sections provide information for field staff and consumers regarding the Washington State Long-term care partnership program.

Standards - Long-term care (LTC) Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) income and resource standards

Chart of current income and resource standards

Lump sum incomes and Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS)

This section provides information on how the department treats the receipt of lump sums of income. Depending upon the source of the income and when it is reported, the lump sum may be treated either as a resource or income.

Allowable medical expenses. Chart of allowable and nonallowable expenses

This section provides information on the type of medical expenses that may be used to reduce the countable resources of an applicant with resources over the limit in the month of application for long-term care services.

Reverse mortgage, promissory notes and loans

This section provides information on how the department treats income received from reverse mortgages, promissory notes and loans and when income received from these sources would be counted towards an individual's resource limit.

Resource ownership and availability 

Institutional and HCB Waiver resource eligibility starts with SSI related medical resources. Rules that are specific to long-term care are stated in WAC 182-513-1350

Transfer of an asset

This section describes the process used by the department to determine if an individual has made an impermissible transfer of an asset during the five year look-back period prior to an application for long-term care and describes penalties the department establishes.

Treatment of entrance fees in continuing care communities, clients living in fraternal, religious or benevolent nursing facilities

This section explains how to treat life care contracts signed by the client and the facility and/or organization. Treatment of entrance fees in a continuing care retirement community or life care community is considered a resource available to the client in certain conditions

Trusts - How Trusts Affect eligibility for medical programs

This section explains how to treat trusts for the purposes of medicaid eligibility.