UMP (SEBB): Preferred Drug List Changes (2020-3)

This Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS) document lists all anticipated changes to the UMP Preferred Drug List (PDL) effective March 1, 2020.


UMP (SEBB) WSRxS Welcome post card 2020

This Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS) postcard briefly introduces UMP (SEBB) members to their prescription drug benefit for 2020 and where they can find more information.


UMP (SEBB) Post open-enrollment FAQ one-pager

This one-page FAQ lists questions and answers to UMP (SEBB) member questions.



This Regence BlueShield produced document answers some frequently asked questions regarding the Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) benefits for School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) members.


UMP (SEBB) (WSRxS) Prescription drug benefits comparison for 2020

This is a summary of how prescription drug benefits work for UMP Achieve 1, UMP Achieve 2, UMP High Deductible, and UMP Plus for benefit year 2020, including what you'll pay for drugs and a partial list of network pharmacies. Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS)


UMP (SEBB) (WSRxS) Prescription drug authorization for release of confidential information

Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS) form for Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) (SEBB) members to authorize release of confidential health information.


UMP (SEBB) (WSRxS) Preferred Drug List (PDL)

This document is the SEBB version of the Preferred Drug List (PDL) for the Uniform Medical Plan (UMP). It lists prescription drugs covered by UMP (SEBB), administered by Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS).


UMP (SEBB) (WSRxS) List of prescription drugs subject to emergency fill

This is a partial list of prescription drugs for which members of Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) (PEBB) may request an emergency fill during the preauthorization process, and a description of how it works. Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS)


UMP (SEBB) (Regence) Programs to keep you healthy 2020

This two-page document lists wellness programs offered by the Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) (Regence).


UMP (SEBB) (Regence) Postcard to request certificate of coverage (COC)

Complete and mail in this postcard to request a copy of a Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) certificate of coverage (COC), mailed by Regence.