Enroll as a provider

Interested in becoming an Apple Health (Medicaid) provider or need to find out if you are enrolled?

ProviderOne update notice: On September 22, 2018, you will notice changes in the ProviderOne system enrollment screens. For help with these changes, download our instructions for adding Billing Type and Available Agencies in ProviderOne.

Follow our guidelines to prepare for the enrollment process. Then use the ProviderOne billing and claims system to complete your enrollment application.

How do I enroll?

What type of provider am I?

Before you begin your application, select the provider type that matches your situation (see below).

Billing provider

This application process is for licensed health care professionals enrolling with the Health Care Authority (HCA) as:

  1. A solo practice, or
  2. Licensed health care groups and facilities (including suppliers and contractors of service)

All billing providers must complete and sign a Core Provider Agreement and other required documents with the agency.

Health care professional practicing under a group or facility

This application process is for licensed health care professionals who wish to enroll with the Health Care Authority (HCA) as a performing provider practicing under a group or facility. The group or facility must be enrolled with HCA, and have a Core Provider Agreement with the agency. 

Non-billing individual provider

The non-billing individual provider application process is for individual health care professionals who wish to enroll for the sole purpose of ordering, referring and prescribing services. 

Billing agent/clearinghouse

The billing agent/clearinghouse application process is for a billing agent/clearinghouse (BA/CH) to be enrolled with Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) to ensure the flow of electronic data resulting from the submission and retrieval of HIPAA transactions can be tracked.

Which enrollment type should I select in the ProviderOne application?

Use this chart to match the provider types above with the enrollment type options in ProviderOne.

If you are a: Select the following enrollment type option in ProviderOne:

Billing provider

Group practice
Tribal Health

Health care professional practicing under a group or facility


Non-billing individual provider

N/A - No online application

Billing agent/clearinghouse

Billing Agent/Clearinghouse

Where can I get help completing my application?

The following enrollment manuals provide step-by-step instructions for completing your application within ProviderOne.

Am I already a provider?

To find out if you are already an Apple Health (Medicaid) provider, please call Provider Enrollment at 1-800-562-3022 Ext 16137.


Provider Enrollment
1-800-562-3022 Ext 16137