Open enrollment (SEBB)

The SEBB Program's first annual open enrollment is October 1 through November 15. Find the information you need to enroll in benefits.

Important! You must take action during the SEBB Program’s first annual open enrollment (October 1 to November 15) OR you will be automatically enrolled in coverage and charged $58 a month, and your dependents will not be enrolled. Take action by November 15. Need help choosing a plan? Use ALEX, the online benefits advisor or visit the virtual benefits fair.

Enroll in benefits using SEBB My Account

Visit SEBB My Account

Benefits fairs


During open enrollment you can learn more about health plans and other insurance options by attending one of the SEBB Program’s benefits fairs. At a fair, you can pick up information and speak with representatives from the health plans, the SEBB Program, and other plan administrators that administer SEBB benefits. See the benefits fairs schedule.

Virtual benefits fair

A virtual benefits fair is a new way to learn about your benefit options through an online experience — and it’s available anytime, day or night, during the first annual open enrollment.

Visit and explore to learn more about all the benefits available. You will find links to videos, downloadable content, provider searches, and other information to help you choose the right plans for you and your dependents. Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to visit at your own pace. 

Compare plans

Not sure which plans to choose? Use one of our tools to help you decide.

Medical plans available by county and district

All school employees will be offered a selection of plans based on their county of residence. Some school employees, including those who live outside Washington State, may have more plan options if they work in a district that crosses county lines or is in a county that borders Idaho or Oregon. (Note: If your school district is not listed in the Medical plans available by district, you may only choose plan options available in the county you live in.)  

School employees

SEBB Continuation Coverage

2020 premiums

School employees

Note: You only pay the employee share of the monthly medical premium.

There are no school employee premiums for dental, vision, basic life and accidental death and dismemberment, and basic long-term disability insurance. These benefits are paid for by your employer.

SEBB Continuation Coverage

Find providers

Check the plans' provider portals to check if your current providers are in the plans' networks.

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage are required under the federal Affordable Care Act to help members understand plan benefits and medical terms. View the SBCs for:

Premium surcharges

You will be charged the following surcharges in addition to your monthly medical plan premium, if they apply to you.

  • $25 monthly tobacco use premium surcharge. A $25 premium surcharge per-account if you or a dependent (age 13 and older) enrolled on your SEBB medical uses a tobacco product. If more than one person on your account uses a tobacco product, you will still be charged a total of $25.
  • $50 monthly spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge. A $50 premium surcharge if you have a spouse or state-registered domestic partner enrolled on your SEBB medical for 2020, and they have elected not to enroll in their employer-based group medical insurance that is comparable to PEBB Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic. If you are not covering a spouse or state-registered domestic partner under your SEBB medical for 2020, this premium surcharge does not apply to you.

How to enroll

Visit SEBB My Account during open enrollment (October 1 through November 15) to complete your enrollment.

If enrolling dependents, make sure you have proof of eligibility. Dependents will not be covered under your account until they have been verified (approved) for enrollment. A list of acceptable documents is located on the Dependent verification webpage.


Language assistance services, including interpreters and translation of printed materials, are available free of charge.

Employees: Contact your payroll or benefits office directly.
SEBB Continuation Coverage subscribers: Contact the SEBB Program at 1-800-200-1004 (TRS: 711).