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Lunch and learn lectures

What is a lunch and learn lecture?

A lunch and learn lecture takes place at the worksite and features speaker presentations on topics that interest your staff.

Why promote lunch and learn lectures?

Organizing lunch and learn lectures is a great way to engage staff at your worksite. These lectures can increase health awareness, motivation, and skills, while saving your staff travel time and expenses.

How can I help?

Get started by checking our related laws and rules dealing with offering lunch and learn lectures. Then use our Lunch and Learn Planning Checklist to plan your next lunch and learn lecture. To boost participation, try offering raffles or other small incentives. Try to find dynamic speakers through community resources or organizations such as local colleges and universities or the Employee Assistance Program. Lunch and learn lecture topics could include:

  • Eating healthy at work
  • Exercising at work
  • Exercising without going to a gym
  • Healthier recipes
  • Healthier workspaces
  • Healthy homemade versions of popular packaged foods
  • Improving how you sleep
  • Making organic food shopping affordable
  • Money management tips
  • Preventive care tips
  • Relaxing at work
  • Shedding the stress
  • Staying safe at work
  • Work-life balance


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