Physical activity

Physical activity at work can help fuel a happier and more productive staff.

Why promote physical activity?

Physical activity enhances quality of life and overall well-being. Meet your staff where they are at by offering ways to stay active at work. You also save them the time, energy, and costs from trying to learn how on their own.

How can I help?

Start with SmartHealth to engage staff on and off the clock. We have resources to save you time planning a physical activity campaign. Choose from SmartHealth’s activity library so staff can try new things or get credit for what they already do.

While SmartHealth offers a way to engage staff online, you can also take steps to improve your worksite through these three key strategies (policy, environmental, and individual) detailed below. For more resources on state and local policies that support physical activity and wellness at work, see Walk This Way.


Here are a few policy changes to try:

  • Relaxed dress code.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Add activity or movement into meetings (such as a walking meeting).
  • Increase access to physical activity during paid work time.


Here are a few changes to the environment to try:

  • Get leadership support at all levels.
  • Add or designate space for physical activity (such as a fitness room or locker room). 
  • Add bike racks in safe, well-lit areas close to entrances.
  • Decorate stair spaces.


Here are a few ways to make it easier for staff:

  • Add incentives, rewards, or recognition.
  • Organize clubs (such as a walking group or sports team).
  • Promote nearby walking paths.
  • Offer classes at work (such as yoga or dance).


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