How to participate

Sign up for HTA email updates and information

The HTA program conducts as many as eight technology assessments throughout the year. To stay informed about the progress of these reviews, sign up to receive HTA program updates. By following the prompts, you can add your name to the HTA stakeholder distribution list and receive notices of program activities including:

  • Topic selection.
  • Public comment periods
  • Health Technology Clinical Committee (HTCC) meetings
  • Draft and final coverage decisions

Nominate a health technology for review or rereview

Topics reviewed by the HTA program may be proposed by anyone. A formal topic selection process is conducted each year, to identify technologies for future assessment. At any time, stakeholders and organizations may suggest topics by submitting a petition for health technology review or rereview.

Submit comments on draft assessment documents

Throughout each technology assessment, public comment periods are opened to receive feedback from stakeholders and interested parties. These opportunities occur following the publication of the:

  • Draft key questions
  • Draft evidence report
  • Draft findings and decision

Notice of comment periods is sent to members of the HTA stakeholder list via email. To become a member of the stakeholder list sign up for HTA program updates.


TRS: 711
Mailing address:
PO Box 42712
Olympia, WA 98504-2712